Penny Lancaster sizzles in strappy dress as she shares shots from Rod Stewarts birthday

Penny Lancaster says she wears racy Christmas outfit

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Penny Lancaster, 50, looked stunning in new photos shared today with her 149,000 Instagram followers. The blonde beauty had stepped out with her boyfriend Rod Stewart for the rockstar’s 77th birthday.

To mark the important milestone, Penny made a collage of pictures of the night alongside her beau.

The collage featured a picture of the couple having dinner at a restaurant, as well as one of Rod drinking wine.

Other snaps showed the drinks and the birthday cake the pair enjoyed during their fancy outing.

Penny and Rod married in June 2007 having begun dating eight years earlier.

The couple met when Penny, who is a photographer and a model, was hired to take pictures of Rod on tour.

In recent years Penny, who also works as a model, has volunteered as a Special Constable in the police.

She had previously taken part in a Channel 4 reality show ‘Famous and Fighting Crime’ which trained celebrities to become Special Officers.

But Penny once had a run-in with a drug addict that “terrified” both Penny and her husband.

Speaking on Loose Women in November 2018, Penny said: “I was sitting in the briefs, with stab vests on in the van, and literally responding to whatever call came through, so you never knew what was round the corner.

“I didn’t have mace spray or a baton, so I had nothing to protect myself other than the call out, where I could call for backup.”

Penny went on to describe the moment she was threatened with a needle.

She said: “There was a lady who I was chasing, a possible theft from a shop.

“After I chased after her, when she finally slowed down I realised she was a drug addict, literally frothing at the mouth. Dark circles, shaking.

“As I approached her she threatened me with her needle.

“We had got a warning that she’d been called previously and threatened the shopkeeper with her needle.

“So at that point I was terrified, yes, I was terrified.

“You find out whether you’re a fighter, you freeze or flight.

“No one can be accused of being one or the other. I am a fighter, officers needed to (hold me back) and said ‘Not yet Penny’”.

She also explained Rod’s point of view on her experience fighting crime. 

Penny said: “My husband was terrified with the stories I was coming out with. I was coming home at four in the morning.”

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