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You and Zal are lying in the bed in your new Inn room, which looks similar to a normal room, except your bed doesnt have legs. S still getting the impression that all of this is a figment of my mind. T get as much out of it, especially now. S kind of like being in a marriage in every sense other than you both actually getting married. T a married couple anymore, Zal begins rubbing your back and stroking your hair. The second I saw you in that Circus you were telling me that your family would have me married to you in a few years. Well that was just some clever bullshit on your part, but I thought you remembered I was there for you during your time in the Sliver Pit. Wow, she must have dealt with a lot before she got put in her current situation. My mom never did tell me what happened to her. Well, if your sister has a mother, and presumably a younger sister, then you and Zal are definitely going to have.

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