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Pick your favorite pics of popular pics-drawings. Pics of your choice of pics of popular pics-drawings. And so much more and much more You of course, I cant help that Im drawn to drawings of boobs, as you might imagine. I like drawing boobs too, Charley says. There must be something you like, Charley says. I want to become a rock star, Charley says. Then you remember: Hes talking about drawing the faces of popular rock stars, as youd be forced to draw his own. Dont have any rock stars, you say. I dont know what youre talking about, Charley says. Why would I like doing something I dont like. You cant go down that roadI like doing it, you say. You draw a dickNo, Charley says, holding up his drawing. Well, then I have to draw you, Charley says. Ill make it easier for you, Charley says. Okay, just draw a dick, Charley says. I dont like drawing dicks, you say. Its not like its really hard to draw one. It might be even harder than drawing tits.

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