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You had to go to high school with some of these people. Even so, you are at a loss for words about the fact that they all live together in a house with no privacy or real home at all. 700 per month, and they all share it. On a bright side, at least all of them seem very friendly to you. Of course, you are the only one who is actually from around here. You spend most of your time in the basement of the house with the others. You watch TV, play video games and whatever else the others have been buying. You see your names pop up on the TV a lot. As the days go by you dont really do anything much, you are just content on hanging out with the others. There is one guy called Steve who constantly talks about some video game he is playing, and is also one of the few here who looks remotely normal. He is about your age and seems to be a computer geek. The others call him Chum due to the nickname he seems to have for everyone, most of the time it is something insulting. The other guy is a girl called Jessica, she is the youngest and is also a huge nerd. She has the worst personality and constantly talks trash about everyone. There is also another guy called Tom, he is the second oldest of the group. He is a massive loner who spends a lot of time online playing games. He also does some drug dealing. You have seen everyone around here a few times, but you are more of a stranger here than anything else. You do see them interacting with each other on the TV a few times though, but it is usually some movie that they are talking about. They apparently dont have much money and are just trying to get by. You start wondering what the plan is before something seems to turn on all the TVs and they all start playing some movie. It seems that the movie is called The Purge and it is a very popular cult movie based on a comic book. You dont know what the hell these people are watching, but it is just awful and in slow motion. The scenes of the movie are really freaky, and the sounds are extremely distorted. The whole time that you were watching this, you could hear the TV room door creaking open and then shut again. You are completely lost for words right now, you dont know what the hell you are watching or what your purpose is, but your eyes start to burn and they are starting to water. You have no idea what you are actually supposed to do right now, but you are sure it involves your death. All you know is it starts at sundown and then it is all going to end.

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