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The most of who are named have not yet made a public statement about the leak to the media. The Panama papers leak which is also being investigated as potential espionage has not been reported in any of the major news outlets. In any case, there is a long list of people mentioned in the papers that are not yet publicly stating anything about it, or have chosen to remain coy about it. Here are the most prominent names that were not included on the list of those mentioned in the papers:Some of these names are probably those mentioned in the Panama Papers in the past, but they are not the names listed in the papers. You wait for the truthYou wait for the end of this investigation and do not have confidence that you will be the one to see it. It is clear that you have not heard it from a trusted source since you have never been close to any of the people mentioned in this investigation, so they would have to take action to make sure you were not going to have any more contact with you. You wait for the morning and the next few days, but nothing happens in your search. You go on with your lifeEven though you are starting to think that it will not be you that will be found, you want the truth to come out and the truth might be very hard to come by. In the meantime, you decide to go ahead with your life as if that this will be the case. The investigation into the leak gets more and more complex and eventually ends with many dead bodies with mysterious deaths. You go on with your life in a certain way, but you are not sure if you actually got anything out of this investigation. You do find something out however, it is just a rumor that you are found to be involved in the leak. The source of it is not exactly clear, but it was said that the investigation was a big mistake and that you, Simon Crouch was not only in that leak, but a possible suspect as well. It was said that this leak was actually a plan of Crouch to kill the British Prime Minister at a time when the leak was a huge success, but he was killed before the action was taken. You cannot be sure about it, but this is actually a very interesting point of view you have on the mystery of whether you were the one that actually leaked the Panama Papers or not. Year 20The Panama Papers have become a major topic of discussion in several countries all over the world after they were leaked and you were the only person involved that was caught. Some of the names that were not included in the list of those mentioned in the papers:Vladimir PutinVladimir Zh.

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