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You buy some snacksYou walk into the street, the sun setting as you look at the buildings. Looking at the buildings, you realize that the one thing you really dislike is people. You hate the fact that, for no reason at all, they come on to you. You hate it when people talk to you or even stare at you, but then turn away from you to address someone else. You hate the fact that, even when you dont do anything to them, they treat you like a fool all the time. As you look at the buildings, you consider whether you should go back to your trailer, but then you decide that you really should just go to Los Angeles for a while. A long time ago you wouldve probably thought youre a great person for trying to get out of the city, but now. You know now that you really dont want to go back, even if going back is likely to be hellish. You decide that you should just do what you want to do, and start thinking youre going to get a job at one of those video game stores in the mall that you used to frequent when you first started. You walk towards your trailer to see if Megan is there, but you see nothing but emptiness. You walk towards the stairs to the trailer to find that theyre all gone. You try the front door, but its locked. You open the window and attempt to climb up there, but you find that theres no way up. You look outside and see nothing but darkness. You feel a sense of panic as the fear of what might come next overwhelms you. Are you even the same person you used to be. You run in the direction that you think Megan wouldve gone had she actually stayed. As you rush to the nearest building, you find that its the same one you used to park your car in. You scream as you realize that you cant go back, and you just feel alone in an abandoned building with no escape. You run to the nearest building on the same street where you used to stay at home, but you see nothing but darkness in the darkness. You jump off the building as you feel the entire world being turned to shit around you. When you come to, youre in the same forest, though this time, youre alone. You stand there for what feels like hours with the same thought:The only thing that saved you was your fear. The fear that youll never be loved by your parents.

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