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Unfortunately it,s not always so positive for women and fat people. So, instead, we just did the fat thing. As a matter of fact, after she got the fat tag, the rest of the press corps was shocked to begin. They were surprised when she said I think itu2019s more fun being FAT. As a matter of fact, Jessica Simpson-s not so fat anymore. I-d guess the publication of her weight gain eventually got to her. Still, I am glad she-s not fat anymore. It-s better than what she-s been doing in books. Plus, she actually says something positive when she comments that she enjoys the humiliation of being fat. Id just like if she didnt continue to bitch about her fatness as it affects her life. I think the only thing that could go just as well is a movie about a woman who is fat, but is a big deal celebrity and is being shamed on a national level by her weight and not necessarily in a good way. Something like The Biggest Loser, except this movie is about the fat people trying to lose weight and being shamed in the process. The other thing I think that could work would be some sort of parody of an R-rated movie that is made entirely about the fat people. Something like a parody of Clueless and the fat person being a slut who gets drunk at the first opportunity and sleeps her way through college and is now a famous artist. As I said, I really like this woman, and I think this could work. In fact, I hope it does work out, because this woman deserves to start living a life of happiness. You take her up on the fat celebrity offerYou could take this woman up on her fat celebrity offer. It might be best to just do something more extreme, like tell her youre going to show her what a real celebrity looks like on a first-name basis. You can take her to a restaurant where she can try on various outfits and then spend the rest of the night taking her shopping at the mall. You could also drive her to the mall, although it would probably be more expensive than just getting her to go, so you might as well.

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