Over the years, South Park has lampooned hundreds of …

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You wait patiently until the last moments before departing. You are at a bus stop and the door to the building is wide open. You just hope nobody has already used the door to get in and out of the building. Re able to hear are the sounds of the city around you. S also the sound of the street outside of the building, but not as much. No sooner have you been leaning against a bus shelter for a while when a light blue van pulls up. He says in a gruff voice and gets out of the van. The passenger door opens and two men exit. One is a short, stocky man with a goatee and beard. The other man seems to be a bit shorter and wearing a suit. The short man looks at you and then back to the passenger in the suit. Yeah, this is the same guy that followed me through Kansas City years ago. He might be on drugs, he might be mentally retarded. The driver looks back at you and the passenger and then looks back to the pair of them. S either us beating him into submission or him meeting us in the middle. So which do you think will happen. T do anything and just let us handle this.

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