Over 80 of the world gets them; stress, fatigue, illness, hormonal changes and too …

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When you read all this in bed in the dark of night with a shaven head and a tired looking expression on your face, you wonder why you ever bothered with this lifestyle. You wake upYour body still aches and stiffens slightly after sleep, your eyes are still sore and red and you are tired as ever. You do not even want to get out of bed to do anymore work. You want to do nothing more than turn off the computer and not look at it again for months on end. But, you cannot leave the computer now for the simple reason that you need the computer to work. You had to go through this process before and you still have to do it again this time. You spend the morning in a state of depression, wondering and dreading the day when you can turn that damn computer on. The rest of the week you spend in your depressed state, thinking about other things until one day when you do not feel like thinking anymore. You go to your computer and start surfing the Internet, and within seconds, you are filled with a warm feeling that you have not felt in years. As you continue surfing the Internet, you discover something that you have been looking for all this time. The message says that she is from India, but she has a slightly British accent. You read her message slowly, trying to figure out what she is saying. I had just come back home from work when I saw your insert whatever she saw you doing at the time. I am very interested in the current events going on there. I just came back, too late for the Olympics, but I wanted to see the place where I had been a child in those days. Yes, I have come to help the Olympics get rid of their leader, Jeremy. I am a little too old for that kind of thing though and I found myself here as I was getting too old for London. I did not know who you were, but someone who had a similar background as you I knew very well, so I got in touch and I have come to your house to talk to you. At this point, you almost want to cry out loud, but you hold yourself back.

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