Our first store opened its doors in the suburbs of Chicago in …

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We have opened 2 beauty stores in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas We have beenamodel forUltaBeauty. You are too lost in thought, but you dont even notice as you fall out of your chair. The last thing you hear is the store owners voice as he turns to give you the finger. You are still too busy thinking about what youre going to tell your sister to do about this crazy idea shes had, to even register that the door has opened or that the voice you heard was that of a deliveryman. Um, hey honey, we dont have time for that. Were in the middle of making a delivery to, um, that house over there. You can come in and help us, but just keep your voice down. You cant help but smile as the deliveryman quickly heads over towards the house you came in from, as he quickly rings the doorbell and quickly walks off. You walk forward with your sister to the door and hold it open, stepping aside so she can open it for you. You let her in first, and the two of you head to the kitchen. You walk to the counter and set your drink down, taking the empty mug from the counter and setting it on the table to the side, before coming back to the door and opening it. Im sorry about earlier, I just got a bit excited. Now I have to go, can you take care of this.

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