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You say No, the beauty queens always wear the same thing. You say this as you are pulling up to the hotel in the limo. No, the beauty queens always wear the same thing. Its always the same dress in a long line of dresses. Its not like there is an outfit swap on this thing, its the one and only one. You say this as you are driving through the night. You finally get a good look at what youve got yourself into. The radio is tuned to some station that sounds like its from the 80s. You dont really recognize any of the songs, but you do recognize some of the content. Youve never heard this station before, so you dont really know what to expect. Just as youre about to tune it in, you realize that you just made a huge mistake. Its a rap talk show hosted by a woman by the name of KATIE. Katie, for those who dont know, is a famous rapper thats not exactly the greatest role model for young girls these days and hasnt exactly been acting like a role model for them. Katies popularity has been waning lately, partially because shes been trying to start some sort of hip hop crew called The GZs, Fuck Yous, which is a thinly veiled jab at her current popularity, plus its just a shitty name for a rap crew. Katie gets on the radio, and starts rapping a bit. I got some weed and a car full of weed. I got a million dollars, I got a million dollars. I dont need to be a fucking slave and do that shit and sell out to some rich motherfucker. Katie goes on to tell the listeners that they need to stay off of the drugs and that everyone needs to do their own thing when it comes to their lives. You lean your head back in the seat as the music that usually comes on while youre working on something else in the kitchen is now starting to turn off and start playing something else. What the hell is this woman doing on a rap talk show.

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