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Good, we can take a quick look at it tonight. Not literally, but pretty damn close. Now I just want you to try to get it right. Re going to tell me to go fuck myself. You turn to leave, but she grabs your wrist. Re going to have to practise together so I can copy it exactly. T want to give you any more shit, so just go. Get in your car, take your keys, and drive to the school. With those last words, she grabs your wrist and begins to walk away. You say, but then she gets to the door. You turn and leave, but stop a few feet from the door. She turns back to you and looks up at the sky. You go back inside and do your usual routine. You do the laundry, cook dinner, look at the family photo, and then you fall asleep. T get up until near midday, which means you only have time to eat lunch and dinner by yourself. You head down to the basement and make yourself some chicken strips and fruit.

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