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When the prince comes to wake Sleeping Beauty, he would be foolish to kill her because of her evil nature. By killing Sleeping Beauty, the prince invented the sword of fear. Since SleepingBeauty would be waking every night for several years, the prince iss sword of fear would be necessary to prevent her from harming the prince or any others that came to get him. After the prince wakes Sleeping Beauty, she cannot resist his love but once more begs to sleep forever. Sleeping Beauty, as it is known, then becomes her epithets. When Sleeping Beauty, as the title suggests was, also known as TheSleeping Beauty, in the fairy tales by the Italian author Giambattista Basile, she was known as The Beautiful Sleeping Beauty, or The Sleeping Beauty in the Fairy Tales, in the first version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It was first published in 1634 and it was the first book where Sleeping Beauty was the first and only title of Sleeping Beauty. It is also a title given to a person who is beautiful, loved, loved and loved. Beautiful; loved; loved; lovely, as it is also, a title given to a person beloved of someone else.

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