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Re not the only one here who appreciates your kind. Re the only customer here who is genuinely interested in your conversation and not just trying to get one up on you. Re even getting the occasional smile in return. You order a drink, and everyone at the bar seems to know who you are. You shout to the bartender, which elicits a big smile from everyone. You ask, which causes a grin and a nod. You look around at your fellow patron, s, and nod in response. The bartender looks over at you and then over at the one beside him. He sees the one behind him and he waves over a fresh beer. Re about to tell him your order when he notices you. T respond right away, instead you take another drink and look over at him. Do you want me to make you any more drinks. He takes another drink and sets it down. You give him a sympathetic look and shake your head. Ve at least given me a chance to say thank you. S trying to make me feel bad for not getting to say thank you.

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