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Im calling about an open position with the University of Nebraska at Kearney. You askId like to speak with someone that can speak with the other colleges about how much money I might bring to the university. The machine asksUm, yeah there is one more. Im not quite sure what that school is named. You replyAh, we can help clarify that. The student in charge of recruiting, can you tell me the name of that school. I think he said its a school at the University of Nebraska in the Midwest. You sayHmm, youre the one that likes the land of milk and honey. I can get it for you immediately upon your arrival in the Nail area. The woman says while rubbing her chin. I agree, but they can really make some money here at Nail, if you know where to look. I mean you have a lot of women going out to the nearby towns for their beauty procedures, so you could really bring in a lot of business to this place. You sayNo problem, its been nice talking with you. The woman saysSee you soon, Black Hills Beauty College. You say to her before hanging up. You go homeYou were going to get some sleep, but you really want to be out there right now. You decide youll head out to Kearney immediately. You need to make sure they cant steal all your business before you leave. You arrive at KearneyYou arrive at Kearney and head to your destination of a nail salon. As you arrive, the first thing you notice is that the town is in a lot of disarray. Cars are lying all over the road and you see a few people in the street having a fight. You walk in to the salon and see a few more women with their hands in the air, screaming about something. You hear an announcement that a few people have been killed, but after a minute or two, someone notices you in the room. A teenage boy says standing behind you. I was just about to call you, but my friend just finished up on one of the machines right now.

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