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Category: List Ive never done anything except for this, and Im only now thinking about doing it. You look up from your bowl as you remember the last thing you felt. Your heart pounds and your legs tremble under you as you reach up and take in the world, and the world stares back down at you. Wendy nods, a little taken back by your remark. M sure you can come up with something. I suppose I could, Wendy smiles, pulling out a small black notebook, But I imagine the media would be after me with that. Youd be lucky to last more than a few hours. Wendy smiles, and nods, and the pair of you head outside to find something to eat. You head into an Asian grocery store, grabbing some noodles and rice. I thought you said you had something to eat. I do, you say, I just was surprised I had enough space here to eat. T have that much time to go scavenge food. Ve got to feed my own child. Let me get the dishes, you say. S backyard, and see that the room is much more crowded with people now. T even see her, so you head further into her backyard to find a less crowded area. Eventually, you find a few empty tables, but no food. I thought we had more, you say.

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