One of the first famous people to die of AIDS in Italy…

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Donald Trumps campaign manager here said that an alleged incident in which his boss said he would like to grab women by the p-ssy and slap them didnt come out of nowhere, though he also told NBC News that it was a metaphor. Trump was expressing is people have heard things that they find offensive and theyre saying this is what we think about it, Corey Lewandowski said Wednesday. Trump himself tweeted on Tuesday, calling the reported remarks locker room banter. But theres a big difference between the words and actions of other people. Bill Clinton has actually abused women, far more than Trump. Lewandowski, who said he didnt think the comment would hurt Trumps chances in the general election, then said the real problem on the ticket was Hillary Clinton. The Clintons have been an oppressive power in this country, he said. Has his own theories, all of them, as they happen, ridiculous. Like the fact that Michael Jordan invented basketball. Or the fact that the phrase Youve got mail originated as a joke on Saturday Night Live. Or the fact that the title of Woody Allens recent film Blue Jasmine has nothing to do with the Arab film about the same name, a movie thats really about a man who falls in love in Tunisia. All are true, he says, and yet all are equally ridiculous. I got a letter from a guy in England writing from the U. He said, I never thought Id hear you say this, but I think you and Woody Allen are cousins. I thought we were like the guys in the late 70s who wrote that Woody Allen was their cousin and couldnt keep a job because he was a Jew. Reitman, who writes the screenplay to Charlie Wilsons War, the new biopic of the late former U. Vice president Lyndon Johnson is speaking in his office of all the ridiculous things hes thought that he and Woody Allen would be. Theyre not exactly relatives: Woody is one generation removed from the Irish Catholic, labor-union activist brother of Allens mother, Zelda; Allen is one generation removed from the Jewish.

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