One of Hollywoods most dazzling leading actresses, Salma Hayek was born on Septem…

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Beautiful women: The most beautiful women are celebrities, beauties, models, and singers. These women are often in the public eye due to the quality of their performance, looks, or celebrity status. The worlds most beautiful women are celebrities, beauties, models, and singers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what some individuals might deem beautiful to others is not necessarily what is considered beautiful by those individuals. Beauty is a subjective concept that is not readily visible or universally accepted, and it depends on more than just ones perception of beauty. Ones appearance is defined by appearance alone and is not a personal trait or attribute. It is not based on ones personality and it does not necessarily determine success. A beauty standard differs from person to person and it should not be considered a measure of beauty. Scott Walker on Tuesday signed a sweeping bill into law that would require Wisconsins public colleges and universities to increase the number of graduates who are able to graduate with a degree in six years or less, with many school officials opposed to the measure. Walkers signature on the bill – which will take effect in July 2014 – has put the University of Wisconsin System on the same track as many of the states largest public colleges and universities, which have been under federal scrutiny for a lack of graduates with two-year degrees. The new requirements in the legislation, approved by the Republican-led Legislature, are designed to make it easier for most students to earn their degrees within the next four years.

Post about Beautiful female celebrities