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On my own opinions of the subject matter as well as my own opinions of certain songs that I think are being used in the skit to be quite honest as the title suggests it is all opinion based. S be honest here the music in this skit, by itself, is hardly anything more than a catchy pop song. This skit could be an example of the music industry being lazy, but for whatever reason they went with this, instead of using original works that have more musical merit. And while this could be a skit against the same subject matter of using songs in skits that could be considered cultural appropriation, there is a major difference between using a song, and this being a blatant attempt at ripping off the culture of a race of people who are going to be offended by it. Sure the whole thing looks very silly and silly people do silly things, but there is a big difference there. These people are not going to be offended by something that is meant to be an inside joke and have nothing to do with anything, let alone with the Halloween holiday. However if the intent is to be taken seriously, And it sort of is, then it is still inappropriate. If this is something that is done on a regular basis then that is even worse. M not even going to get into all the other stuff about the song like the lyrics or the way it is delivered in the video. S a skit and then not even give it a second thought. S blatant racism, and is definitely deserving of your dismissal just like the first video is. So there it is folks, my opinions on the subject matter and my two cents. T even use this blog as a platform to promote my other YouTube channel. S the whole reason why I started the blog in the first place. Re going to be using songs that have a history of being misappropriated in order.

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