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The FBI says that there is no evidence that either the person, s, responsible for the 2014 Sony Pictures hack are the same as those responsible for this Sony Pictures hack or that the government can link any of the criminals responsible for the two operations to each other. While the FBI is in no position to comment on the future of this particular investigation, it will be helpful to know what the FBI is doing about the ongoing Sony Pictures hack. Pep Guardiola has had a couple of seasons to enjoy a happy relationship with Barcelona and has had plenty of success with a couple of Champions League winners in his first two seasons with the club. However, as always, the man in charge has often been a figure of controversy. Now, he has got himself in a bit of trouble after he referred to a player by his girlfriends name, which led to accusations he is not above trying to manipulate people. Guardiola is no stranger to all things related to the press and he often says strange comments and bizarre things in an attempt to get a rise out of the people he is talking to. He is a highly intelligent coach, though, so this might actually be a case of him doing the usual. If it is, then it is a very odd thing for a manager of his stature to do. In any case, the controversy has brought the relationship between Guardiola and Barcelona into the spotlight. There is no denying that this relationship has been one of the main stories of the season and there have been plenty of accusations made. As far as the relationship between Guardiola and Lionel Messi is concerned, there is a long history of them both being on good terms with one another. Barcelona and Argentina international Messi has said the pair have always been very close. Of course this is a club that I admire and one of the reasons is because of the connection between Pep and Messi, he said. They are my best friends, they are my partners on and off the pitch and this relationship is very special. While the relationship between Guardiola and Messi has always been a bit strained at times, it is a partnership that has won titles and both have won several individual trophies. So, with that being said, some of the criticism is not totally fair and that is coming from the people that know nothing of the actual relationship. This is all coming at a time when Barcelona is trying to win the.

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