Olivia Munn Reveals Her Hair Is ‘Falling Out In Clumps’ After Giving Birth

Olivia Munn got real about her postpartum experience.

On Friday, the 41-year-old actress took to Instagram to share some adorable pictures of herself and her 4-month-old son Malcolm. Ch-ch-check out the photos (below):




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In the comments section, one social media user asked if she could jokingly “have hair for one day.” This prompted The Predator star to speak out about her locks, revealing that she has been dealing with postpartum hair loss. She wrote:

“Ummm, it’s falling out in clumps post-partum. I’ll let you have it once I can grow it back and give it to you in better condition.”

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is pretty normal for new mommas to experience hair loss a couple of months after having a child due to the falling estrogen levels. Since having her baby boy in November 2021, Olivia has been very open about the physical and mental struggles she has dealt with. Back in January, she spoke on how challenging breastfeeding has been, telling followers that getting milk for her son can be “hard, especially if you have low supply.”

She also shared how her hips feel “wonky from pushing out a human being” in March, adding that her postpartum anxiety has not gone away and it’s “horrible.”

Love that Olivia is always keeping it real when it comes to her postpartum journey!

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