Okay, so maybe you knew about Tia and Tamara, what 90s child didnt…

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Image:File: link- thumb center thumb left thumb thumb left thumb thumb left thumb rightThe Twin ParadoxTwins are special, you say. You have been meaning to address this to a friend, so you have decided to tell him the truth about this. Thats why theyre special, you repeat. So theyre not supposed to be normal, because people arent supposed to have a normal existence. I dont want you to run off, though. If you want to be on our side, we have to be on your side. Lets talk in case we bump into each other. Okay, but no promise I wont run off on you. I was getting tired of your half-assed explanation, he says, walking past you and out the door. Not many people are around today, so you decide to head home right away instead of leaving for a few hours to wait. You decide to do most of your research in the morning, so you head upstairs to your room, where you finish your homework and turn off your laptop. Your door is propped open by a single screw. You knock, thinking whoever it is might be awake. You enter, though you can see her standing a few feet away from you, in the corner of the room. I dont have any money to pay for a cab home. Lets head back to your place, Im tired. Can you give me a call if we need anything. You dont really want to leave her, so you follow her to her apartment. It isnt overly fancy, which isnt much of a surprise given that you live with a student. Once there, you wait for a call on your cell phone to come in. It doesnt come, but Tamika turns her head to the side and smiles. She seems to have a bit of a sly smile on her face, as if shes already read your mind, or some crazy shit.

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