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You wait until the sun goes down and crawl on top of the couch while thinking about all the items on top of there while thinking if you should finally go all the way with it since its just been a few days and youre getting too comfortable. You then finally start the act on, but you only manage to push down on it a bit and it gives a bit. And thats when its obvious from the way the couch is wobbling that something isnt right about all this. With the weight of your crotch on it, the couch doesnt go all the way up, but goes all the way down. The second time you try it, the couch goes all the way up as expected. You dont quite manage to get off on it, but you go through the motions. The third time, you manage to get it up and then get it all the way down again, but this time it falls on its side on the couch, which was in a worse position than before, now youre not on top, but youre not on the floor either. Its a bit of a mess and youre getting tired of holding onto the couch, so you give up on it. You stand up and take a good look at it, then you see how your hands have turned pink with the exertion. Thats when you remember what youve been using the couch as. You quickly shove the couch back up, but it doesnt go back down. You just push it until you see it wobble in mid-air, but you dont even bother to wait for it to fall. You just pick it up and run away. You leave quickly and put the couch in some place you shouldnt have it. Fortunately youve come across the one place where youre glad you cant tell others about. However, you realize that youre going to have to be a lot more careful, though with your newfound talent you may be able to get away with it for a while, but that wont last. You try to get back to the house since you dont need to hide any longer. You try to just walk away, but youre too exhausted and the couch keeps getting in your way. You dont even notice the shadows in the trees until they surround you, preventing you from getting away. When you see them, theyre really bad, they dont look even remotely human. They look like something out of a horror movie, even the sounds they make are very horrifying.

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