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You log on to RetailMeNot, log on to all the online stores and see that the prices on all of them are the same. You try to call up Sams, but you get no answer. You log on to all the online stores, but that is when you see that the Sams Beauty coupons have not been redeemed and the prices are all the same. You dont buy anythingYou decide not to buy anything from Sams. You put that slip into Sams Beauty and see that all their offers are gone. You check out the Sams Beauty website and see that the only things you get are price matches and the occasional store credit. At the end of your shift, you see that the Sams Beauty sales have ended, so you decide to call up to see what the deal is with Sams. The Salesperson tells you you already know what the deal is with them when you decided not to buy anything from them, so you just hang up. The next day, you call up Sams again and see that they have a different number than the one you were given and the salesperson says, The office is closed. You go to the officeYou think, Sams is probably a scam anyway. You decide to call Sams back so you can find out for yourself. You try again and this time you get through. Yes I want to know when to expect to see the coupons and discounts, because Im deciding if I should go through with the purchase. Were closed right now and getting ready to open back up tomorrow. But, well be sure to get back to you as soon as were open. I just wanted to know if they were any more coupons and if there would be any sale. Right now were offering a 25 coupon on all your order and wed be more than happy to try to work something out with you. My wife is thinking of getting a pair of your pants. I can say Im not here to tell her no.

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