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Check them, save, Save, Save, Save. From the sites home page:The new year is going to be a big one for the Beauty bay. A couple of weeks ago we announced were moving to a new platform and well be offering our customers a bunch of discounts and special offers to support the new site. As an example were giving away a 50 discount on our full range of hair and makeup items. You can enter for your chance to be one of our lucky winners here: beauty bay couponWell be choosing the winner tomorrow at the latest, We usually pick the winners today but for our new product launch on Monday youll have the day offAs always if you have any questions just let us know and well be happy to help. So check out Beauty Bay and have a good start on your new year. Weve got the Beauty bay logo in an e-mail and you can also enter the contest by responding to the e-mail. We have been getting a lot of complaints lately about our new logo, so we decided to take a look at our old logo and see if we really did something wrong. It turns out that Beauty was the combination of Beauty bay Beauty bay coupon codes. There are a few problems with the new logo, first of all the whole thing just looks silly in the new design. Also, we did not come up with our own codes. We found some of them and found a way to create our own version of them. In fact these are all similar to the ones we originally used. We just happen to be using them now so they can look better, but we were not the ones who came up with these codes. You can create your own character, play as multiple characters in the same game, play solo, play with friends, and more. – Create your own character: Customize your character to your liking, choose your appearance, voice, and skills. – Play as other characters in the same game online: Join friends in an adventure and battle against other players around the globe. – Play solo or with up to 3 friends: Choose from a wide range of characters and challenges to tackle. – Challenge other players worldwide in a series of game modes: Make up your own to suit your needs.

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