Of all the wisdom Beyonce imparted in her Vogue essay, released Monday to …

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You go for the Beyonce is a woman of color defenseWell, lets not be too hasty about this, because this is pretty much the same defense that white people have used to try to justify their racism for centuries. And when you see Beyonce speak out against racism, or Beyonce in general, its not going to help with your argument. That isnt to say there arent black artists who arent famous and theyre far more popular than Beyonce. Like why do we need to defend Chris Brown when he isnt famous. Why do we need to defend the countless artists that dont even have a YouTube channel, never before performed, and likely never will. Why do we need to defend the countless artists whose lyrics are just as vile and demeaning as Beyonces. Beyonces blackness is an important point to consider, but its not a real reason to defend her. In fact, if you cant separate what she can do with her art from her race, then perhaps you are a racist who would rather see black people fail than succeed. And thats something to really think about before you speak on the issue of Beyonces because I know you. Youre the racist who defends white people, as long as theyre not doing anything that you dont approve of. So I hope you dont need my help, because I dont think youll need mine. Just remember, the next time youre defending a white person, Beyonce is a woman of color is one of the first items you should consider not saying. What do we make of the new Beyonce album. This month marks the release of Beyonces new album Bhes Love Beyonce. Offers a refreshing approach to the mainstream girl group era with a catchy chorus and a hook that could very well be the one that makes it to the top of the charts. Here are some of the many reasons why you and I should be excited for this album:The FutureWhile I know your music is a little more of a conservative genre, its time that we give a little more love to the things that are progressive now and the things that we should be proud to have as part of musics history. This album is the first time in our history where were seeing a female lead singer with a heavy influence from dance music, which is what youre most associated with. This is a welcome change from a genre that tends to be about partying, drugs, and sex. Bey is truly giving our generation some new inspiration.

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