Of all the face shapes, the round shape might be one of the hardest …

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So, if you have round face, you have to wear something round on your face, like a hat if its a hat. Haircuts for Men with Round FacesHaircuts for Women with Round FacesHaircuts for Men with Round Faces Haircuts for Women with Round FacesFor Men with Round FacesAnd heres to the hairdresser. You ask a questionAnd here I thought I was going to get a bunch of random questions, but it feels more like Im doing a job interview. You see a woman stand up from behind a counter, A-ha, sorry about that, I wasnt sure if you were going to ask a question. You pause, I was going to ask, what type of haircuts you have. You get a confused look from this woman, Im talking about the type of hairstyle, not the color or style of hairstyle, am I supposed to know that, or what the difference is. You shake your head, Im not getting anywhere with this woman. Im looking for a cut that doesnt make my head look like a balloon. Alright, I know a lot of people, that have cut hair, but they dont look like this. You notice her pointing to one of the mannequins behind another counter. It has a very different cut, much longer on the sides and shorter in the middle. It doesnt have a big knot in the middle, it looks more like what you like. Then, to emphasize your purchase, you say, Thank you. You head over to the mannequins, and pick out what kind of cut youd like, and then she puts your hair in place. Its a little awkward, but when the hairdresser is talking to you like that, its just like talking to a human, not a person. You go through and do your hair, and when its done, she says, Dont worry, these haircuts are very easy to do. She looks at the hairdresser with a strange look, Im sorry, but sometimes a client needs to get their hair cut differently. You just need to have a friend or relative who knows how to cut hair. Just want one thats a little simpler than my normal haircuts.

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