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The house is also surrounded on all sides by a high fence. The FBI, Secret Service and Florida Highway Patrol have all increased security at all of their Florida field offices and conducted several sweeps of all high-profile and high-risk locations in the area, especially in the Keys. Agents in Florida say they have been monitoring public reports of possible threats against several of the highest profile figures and are taking all of these reports seriously. The Florida Keys are located just offshore of Florida and the Panhandle in a large expanse of ocean. Its coastline is about 100 miles long and just 20 miles wide. At its closest point, it runs all the way from the northern tip of Florida south to the mouth of Florida Bay. The Keys are a unique area with a mix of rugged coastlines, barrier islands, and freshwater lakes. All of which are distinct, though generally only accessible by air or boat. It has a large, historic downtown area with a few hotels and is a major tourist destination; however, most visitors avoid the Keys on the advice of the Department of Law Enforcement. The other three Keys are less well known but none less beautiful, and the Department of Law Enforcement will continue to provide support to the local law enforcement in protecting them. In addition to the obvious security concerns, there have also been concerns expressed that Floridas rich tourism industry could suffer a terrorist incident occurring in that area. The Department of Homeland Security, in conjunction with its Federal, state, and local partners, has a joint plan to respond to such events. The plan involves gathering information in a number of locations in Florida, determining a plan of action, and carrying it out. To that end, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the State of Florida, the Keys National Park Service, the U. Coast Guard, the Florida Highway Patrol, the Florida Keys National Historical Park, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have enhanced their security posture in Floridas Keys. For more information on this and other law enforcement efforts in Floridas Keys, please visit The Department of Homeland Security.

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