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A large part of the world is in a state of chaos and unrest because of a lack of order. S has become over the course of the past few decades the worlds leader, a place of opportunity and peace. However, with the rise of a charismatic and charismatic leader comes an equally dangerous man. President Trump has become increasingly oppressive and authoritarian, taking advantage of an uncertain world. The liberal media has become progressively more anti-Trump as the years have passed. The mainstream entertainment industry has become increasingly pro-Trump as well, the entertainment industry is the one place in the world where the people have the most faith in the President; not liberal politicians. But there have also been incidents of anti-Trumps protesting at various Hollywood events. In some instances the anti-Trumps have resorted to violence in the name of free speech and the right to protest. How has a man like this been able to get away with, to be the head of a country and have the ear of the worlds most powerful people. How has a media that has been largely owned by a single conglomerate for decades, been so successful in their anti-Trump crusade, but how on earth could these media be so out of touch that they did not notice that the man was also being voted into power after an unqualified candidate was defeated and even that the man was more popular than Hillary Clinton, the candidate they helped to defeat. How has a man who has been successful, been the beneficiary of liberal media bias for years, managed to get away with what seems to be an authoritarian reign to the world. You attempt to change the mediaYou cant do anything about the media, you just need to influence the media. You know they must know something about this story, just not in a way you would like to discover. However they may be a biased source of information that will be the first to report on any incident you might find out about. You can only hope that your actions are enough to convince them. You decide to go ahead and talk to everyone you know. Hey, you got any ideas, ideas or just any fucking idea on how I could get the liberal media to cover stories about President Trump more favorably. You say before you realize you are already late for work. Uh, well first I have to go ahead of the meeting, so Ill see you later. You hang up and call your co-workers. Hi, I know you guys all get along, but were going to change a lot of things about the business model at this company for next year.

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