O.J. Simpson Blames Daniel Jones For Missed TD Pass, Not Darius Slayton

Giants‘ Darius Slayton ain’t the one to blame for missing a crucial wide-open touchdown pass during Thursday night’s game, according to O.J. Simpson, who says it was Daniel Jones‘ fault.

If you missed it, the G-Men were trying to add to their 3 point lead with 6:25 left in the game against the Washington Football Team.

The Giants QB threw a would-be TD pass to a wide-open Slayton … but it bounced off his fingers. A TD likely would’ve sealed the game (though, never underestimate the Giants finding a creative way to lose) … but they didn’t score, and ultimately lost (after more mistakes), 30-29.

Fans have been goin’ at Slayton for droppin’ the pass … but, Simpson straight-up says they’re blaming the wrong guy.

“I heard somebody say Slayton dropped that long pass in the 4th quarter, no! This was simple,” Simpson said on Friday.

“Danny Dimes totally missed a guy who was as opened as any wide receiver has ever been open in the history of football.”

Simpson also called out Jones for not calling an audible when WFT’s safety came up to the hole after the defense read the running play for Saquon Barkley.

“The Giants still ran the ball to that hole,” Simpson said about the 3rd quarter play.

“Even the announcer said Saquon had no chance of gaining yards. The defense knew what was coming. Why Danny Dimes didn’t audible out of that play, I don’t know.”

Simpson says if he was Barkley, he would have went off on Jones.

Not that there was a lack of chewing out Jones on the sideline … newly signed Giants WR Kenny Golladay was seen ripping DJ in the 2nd half.

After the game, Jones said KG was just “frustrated at the situation. We’re all good.”

With the Giants’ loss (0-2) to the WFT (1-1), Simpson says he knows who will win the division … and it ain’t the Cowboys.

“I now believe Philly is gonna win that division.”

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