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NXIVM, is running a legal war over the entire world. This is a new era in human history and the world is being turned upside down. -Keith Raniere You dont attendYoure not attending. The government forces will do a much better job of protecting you there. Youll be safe to sleep in a shelter, so long as the governments dont spy on you. You get one last look at the road before you leave, before it ends, and you start to walk away. Youre not sure how long youre going to make it out of the city, or if youll even make it out of this city, but youre going to try. You stop at a rest stop, where you get some water. The guard is kind, but you have to make it on your own. A few hours go by and you feel your hunger come back. Youre not sure what you used, or how much, but its back and youre going to have to continue on your journey. He points at you like garbage on the road and tells you to get the hell out. You dont care, its a waste of time and youre going to do it anyway. You push past him and leave the rest area. You continueYou continue on, following the new direction of the path and the sun as you walk through the desert. Youve never traveled so close to the sea before, and yet so far from it. You notice a small sign at the end of the path, which reads as follows:Welcome to La Jolla – Southern Californias Living Museum. La Jolla is an ideal place for all your family and friends to come and enjoy the beauty of the Southern California coastline surrounded by a serene environment. Please take a moment to explore and enjoy the natural beauty around you. The MuseumA few other signs like these are placed along the path in the area, but there are no signs marking the Museum. Youre not going to a museum, youre going to see what its all about. You continueThe Museum is located in a small town on the coast of California, near where you found the sign. The town has no name now, but the sign shows a big sign with the name La Jolla. Looking around the town, you see little more then a little sign posted near the post office telling you where it is. A small building with a few people in it, you wander in. Inside, it looks like every little piece of furniture is taken from a different room of a house.

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