NW College is Oregons premier cosmetology and beauty school with six campuses: …

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After you leave, you wonder if you should tell Dendrin about this. After all he did talk to you and make you an offer. Ll have to tell him as soon as you get back to the Temple about your new assignment, which now involves traveling to the Delantium Kingdom. You dont need to tell Dendrin anythingThe information is still secret. A week later, you arrive in the Delantium Kingdom. Ve always wanted to visit the Delantium Kingdom, but you never knew you were going to get the chance until now. You find out after some convincing by Garrick that the Delantium Kingdom is the best place for you. S agents have been sent there as well. Re the only dark elf from the Elam Tribe. Garrick mentions there are a lot of elves in the Delantium Kingdom; you always did wonder how the Empire manages to keep them subjugated so long. Ve been sent with a party of three shadow assassins. The air is still heavy with the scent of blood and decay, but the cities here have been largely rebuilt. The citizens and military alike take a more positive attitude of each other in general. Instead of destroying everything, they built things. People still hate the Empire, but their feelings are slowly beginning to shift. Ve been sent with and are met by a few guards who.

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