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And as we were watching a movie, we discovered several odd, disturbing, insane, inventoriesof, entertainment.

AN: I havent written anything else for a while, I just started writing this one-shot when I realized that I wrote too many of these for a long time and wanted to get them out of my head. I didnt start writing this until I was almost done with this story, so it may have some plot holes, but I promise that it wasnt planned out. I just dont have the motivation to finish it any time soon. I also dont have the motivation to write any other kind of story. Im too busy with life right now. Next chapterThank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this story. Next chapter should be coming sooner or later, so I might as well post this one here. I just like writing these little one-shots here that I think are funny so I figured Id post this one here. Im still thinking of a plot for this one-shot and this one-shot is already really long, so I might just decide that I dont want to go any further with this and post it all here instead. Next chapterThank you for reading this story, I hope you liked it. I will say this though, Im not very good at writing fan fiction and this is actually the first one Ive written. Im going to get more into my own head in the beginning chapters, but thats also why these chapters might be a little weird. I might be mixing up my characters, myself, my writing style, and my world. Its definitely not that weird though and Im sure if you like my other stories it will make sense when you get to reading the rest of them.

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