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M off to take care of my responsibilities. Take care everyone 3 You tomorrowYou smile as you close your eyes, before opening them again to continue your life. The morning is still dark, but then it is always dark when you wake up in a hotel room. Re wearing a weird weight on your chest. You take in a deep breath and run a hand down your body, you feel slightly different. It is weird, but mostly just like the feeling of being buzzed up. You get dressed, grab a quick breakfast and head to the bus stop. The bus goes by quickly and as it draws near you realize what you need to do. You have to leave the internet behind and never surf the net again. You have to stop searching for the person responsible for all this and just get over it. The last one may take awhile, the others have all been in the back of your mind for days, but you have to do this, you just have to do this. Re going home, no questions, no hesitations, and no excuses. You just need to get your life in order and get back into things with Alison. You head to the bus stop and see a bunch of people heading back to the city, so you take the bus. Re moving through water as you walk. S just like you left it all behind in Atlanta. S just like you left Nicole behind. S just the right balance of everything you have gone through. You look around this new world that has been created by your actions and you think to yourself.

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