Not time to dwell Brenda Blethyn shared thoughts over bidding farewell to Vera co-star

Okorie Chukwu discusses working with Brenda Blethyn

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Brenda Blethyn has been playing Vera Stanhope since 2011 and has admitted she has no plans to stop any time soon. However, the star has previously opened up about her co-stars leaving the series, and how she dealt with that in an unearthed chat.

David Leon was a fan-favourite for his role as Joe Ashworth before he left in 2014.

He was Vera’s right-hand man on the show as the pair formed a close-knit bond.

Speaking about his exit back in 2015, Brenda admitted she misses him but tries not to “dwell” on it.

She said in the unearthed interview: “Because I’m learning the next scene for the next set up.

“So I’m very, very busy so there’s not time to sit and dwell on it.

“And Kenny Doughty is a very welcome addition.”

Kenny Doughty joined the show back in 2015 as DS Aiden Healy.

Brenda went on to add to Great British Life how she felt about David calling her a “national treasure.”

She said: “He’s probably taking the p**s and probably meant treasure as in ‘rusty and dug up’!”

The actress is not the only one who addressed his surprise exit from the show.

Speaking back at the beginning of 2022, Vera actor Riley Jones also shared their thoughts on why David left the show.

He told “I don’t know, it might have been for personal reasons. These things happen.

“When you’re kind of going from series to series and there are a couple of months in between.

“It’s just the logistics of contracts and people get offered other jobs and all that type of stuff.

“So, I couldn’t comment about what happened, but these things do happen.”

Brenda Blethyn is returning with the second series of Kate and Koji tonight on ITV.

The beloved sitcom sees her starring as cafe owner Kate.

Speaking recently to the Radio Times, she explained what she likes about her character and the show.

She said: “For all the characters, the cafe is a bit of a refuge for them all.

“[Kate] is prejudiced against ridiculous things like yodelling, things like that.

“But at the heart, she’s a good woman and she would not stand anyone racially prejudiced. Certainly not Koji.”

Kate and Koji airs on ITV on Wednesdays at 9pm.

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