North Carolina Mall Shooting Sends Black Friday Shoppers Scrambling

Gunshots rang out at a shopping mall in North Carolina, sending Black Friday shoppers running for their lives … and leaving multiple people injured.

The shooting went down at Southpoint Mall in Durham, N.C. … where police say 3 people were struck by gunfire.

Naturally, the mall was super packed with folks coming through for Black Friday deals … and the hail of bullets resulted in chaos, with people scrambling for cover as a stampede broke out.

A local reporter also captured video outside the mall, showing throngs of shoppers booking it to their cars to try to get the hell outta Dodge.

Police say one person is in custody, though others involved in the shooting managed to flee the scene. Cops say there is no active shooting threat.

Nevertheless, police are urging people to steer clear of the mall … and the shopping center is closing up shop for the rest of the day.

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