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Its very commonly used by people who identify as genderfluid. Which makes it a lot different from someone who identifies as a-male. You dont say anythingHey, Im not a guy and I dont identify as one. You exclaim, before pausing to think about what you just said. Your statement doesnt exactly come off as positive. After all, if you were a guy, would that really matter. You would have to deal with more sexism than your cis-girl-girlfriend probably does. You also would have to deal with having to actually deal with the reality of dating a girl who identifies as non-binary. You also wonder if youre just being a little sensitive. The whole point of being non-binary is being non-normative. Why must you have to deal with things on a regular basis. Plus, you think something like that being a problem is a little ridiculous since you are the problem. You close your eyes and sigh before opening them to find that youre actually not thinking about all that bad of a situation. You sigh again as you think of a way to handle it. You suddenly ask out loud to yourself. This question is one youve probably been asking yourself while trying to figure out how to approach things. It seems like every conversation you have with a celebrity in the media, it seems like theyre just all of a sudden going to act like a jerk whenever they meet you. Youre fairly certain that this isnt normal, but you just dont know what to do about it. Youre a non-binary person and you are struggling to navigate in a world where you dont feel like youre understood. The problem is, you know that you should just avoid talking to random non-famous people since theyll probably be rude, but you still dont know how to start approaching people without being a complete stranger. You think about what you should do for a long time until your mom comes in to check on you in her room.

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