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You cantThe number in your phone, a random landline, isnt a hotel line. You dont even have a credit card that can use a hotel number. You take the numberYou push the start button on your phone, dialing 0 at random. Hello, you say, relieved that the call isnt going to be useless. Its fine, we have a suite available at the Hotel Cecil. Theres a long pause, before the automated voice says, The suite number is. You sigh, and push the red button on your phone. Whats the point of calling me if Ive checked online and see rooms. Would you like to pay now, or book a suite. Why would you waste my time. So I can sleep on a couch in a room full of teenagers, you say bitterly. The point is, Ive never stayed at a hotel before. And you dont want to stay on the couch in the room full of teenagers, do you. But if you have the money, you dont need a suite and you dont need me to tell you where a suite is. The point, you say at last, is Ive spent the last two hours with a computer that isnt talking to me. You go to town on the hotels websiteYou click on the online option, entering the hotels name in the address bar first. The hotels websiteYou enter in the hotels name and phone number, pressing enter.

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