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The fact that you are even bothering to take notice of this means you probably did not have a good day. Ve also got to admit, the image of the old guy that gave you a few pills makes it a bit more palatable. You felt like you were on autopilot today. Ve got a bunch of assignments due tomorrow that are just as daunting, if not more so. You head into your classroom and find that the rest of the class is already there. T make up your mind to actually go, but as usual, you just stayed in bed. Re going to go before or after, but you do have to get dressed. You go to the restroom and after wiping up, you rush to the clothes closet. After grabbing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you head out of your classroom and make your way back to the gym. After grabbing one of the few other students still in the gym, you tell him to take you to your car, as well as to get your purse. S advice and head to the car just before he says that. Ve been driving all over town. When you get to your car, you notice the license plate is scratched out. But this really sucks, You then notice that the car has been broken into. You look at your watch and realize that this is early in the morning since you probably had to be up long before your classes started. You check the time on your phone, and then look at the time again. It is time to take this one day at a time thing to heart.

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