No matter how hard you try, you just cant control how …

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There are some of the female celebrities who are not 59, 175. You will not listen to it, just try to ignore the weird feeling. Confuse, You feel like you are being tricked. Something is very wrong, but you cannot put your finger on it yet. Then suddenly you wake up, you know that you cant be in the middle of a dream, this is real and it feels really strange. You check yourself, you are still sitting on your bed, but you feel weird and tired. You sleep for couple of hoursYou decide to not worry about your condition and just sleep. After a couple of hours, you feel really strange, you cannot remember anything else. You wake up, you are back in realityYou feel really strange, you know that the situation you are in now is very strange, but you still remain very calm, the world is too strange to be believed, you might never sleep again, you will have to find a way to solve the problem You call on the power of your mindYou are suddenly called from the dream into reality. It is only thanks to your great mental strength that you are able to control your own body. You remember immediately where you are, you dont remember anything else. Your situation, is quite the opposite of what you were able to imagine. At first you think you are dreaming, then the reality itself starts to look very weird, then suddenly you wake up. You think about the dream again and realize that it is all true. You try to move, but your body seems too tired, you dont know why, you just realize that you never can to move again. You feel really strange, you will have to do some tests in the morning or tomorrow, but at least you can tell to your girlfriend what happened. You sleep, you will wake up later. You decide to sleep for the night, you will wake up later You awake laterYou decide not to move again, in fact, you dont move at all. You have to move your body at least to go out of the bed, but you realize that, you are not moving yourself. You are sitting still, not moving, you are still in that dream. You try movingYou realize that the dream is still running in your head and you realize to move your body, you didnt had to do as a dream, you have to do now, when your body is able to move.

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