NLE Choppa Blasts Trolls Body-Shaming Coi Leray

The ‘No More Parties’ raptress receives harsh comments about her body following her appearance at the 2021 BET Awards as some people on Internet shame her for looking too thin.

AceShowbizNLE Choppa has Coi Leray‘s back. The raptress received harsh comments about her body following her appearance at the 2021 BET Awards which took place on Sunday, June 27. While some people on Internet shamed her for looking too thin, the rapper made sure to tell Coi that she should be proud of herself.

While hitting the red carpet with her boyfriend Pressa, the “No More Parties” hitmaker bared her abs in a skimpy top with a futuristic design. The daughter of Benzino paired it with low rise pants.

Catching wind of the body-shamming comments, Coi wrote on Twitter, “My body is always trending. I don’t understand.” In separate posts, she went on to question, “In the Bible is it a Sin to be thin? Help me understand. Is there a certain way I’m supposed to look? Help me understand.”

NLE then stepped in and responded to one of her tweets. “Cause you natural. F**k em,” he wrote.

NLE Choppa defended Coi Leray from body shamers.

Some fans also gave support for Coi with one saying, “U look good they trippin.” Another fan added, “Relax sweetheart just be you.. all u can be! It’s ok to be petite … shake it off.” Echoing the sentiment, one user penned, “You look however the f**k makes YOU happy. Please yourself. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone else. It’ll make you so much more happier!”

“U look amazing and beautiful! i wish i was thin like u…been overweight most of my life, but u make me a believer that we r who we r & should love who & what we r. Don’t let the haters hate on u boo,” another supportive fan wrote.

Meanwhile, someone noted that it was “the poses , that makes your body look weird honestly.” The person continued, “Not even being mean. But poking the back all the way out…. Doesn’t even make my body look flattering.”

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