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Your eyes widen in horror as you feel something inside your face change in a way you never thought possible. The best ale in all of NoxusYou feel as beautiful as your skin and feel as free of dirt or impurity as the air you just flitting around in.

This sample offer is available to the first 1000 people. You will receive a separate envelope after your order has been placed. NICHE BEAUTY is not responsible for the delivery of the samples. There is one thing this post should make you realize, it is not a new one to you, but your opinions on the matter are always changing. The first time that I talked about how I feel about women in general, and you thought I was joking. While I dont hate all women and I am more than happy to have a woman in my life, there are some qualities that I dont like. These qualities are mostly because I have them, they dont bother me so much, but I feel a certain disgust towards them. At the same time, it is not because I think women are inferior, I just dont find them attractive and that is my personal preference. If a woman does not find these qualities attractive, she is free to not have sex with me. So this post is not meant to offend or insult you or say that you are ugly. I am just trying to explain my personal preference as well as offer support for my opinion. I am still trying to figure out how to address this to you, but I need to do it now. I know I am putting words into your mouth. How can you really understand my feelings when you still dont know what I consider a perfect partner. How do you know if my preferences are wrong. Do you think I am some sicko in my day to day life. Do I spend every waking minute in the kitchen making a living out of torturing women. Nope, I am a normal guy who just happens to find certain qualities unattractive. I know there arent many, but I am willing to bet most of you men do too. However, for me and everything else, my feelings on what I like are just that, my feelings. It is my life and my decisions, I dont get to tell anyone else how to live theirs. I dont live my life with other people deciding if they are right for me. But I guess that is what you people seem to think in this case. I can understand the feeling of being uncomfortable with a woman that you find attractive and that might be your own personal preference. But I am not here to judge you if you believe that you have been given this job. Even if it is something that you can not change. I am only pointing out to what I see and that is a lack of consistency in how a lot of you men live.

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