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Uploaded, AwesomenessTV Niki and Gabi Watch this vlog. HtmlYou watch some old episodes of Supernatural. You start noticing the characters dont change their clothes very much and sometimes even dont show their faces. You think maybe it could become a cult show, as it did with Charmed, because you like seeing the characters act like people and talk like people. You dont know if you can do it but you decide to give it a shot. You also notice there are some other people on your favorite website, or whatever it is called, doing the same thing and they also seem to like watching others act like people. And maybe you can get to know people by acting like them. You think maybe it would be better to follow them around like a cult and do things, or at least try, with them. You also look at a lot of naked women on the internet, and in real life too, you know what youre doing You know its not your thing but youre curious and youre curious to see which one is right for you. You try to act like Ashley Madison users, You want to join that too, why not. The first thing you do is to check out Ashley Madisons rules before even checking out the website itself. You read the rules, You want to know if theres any kind of punishment for violating them, You keep reading it until you see the whole list of rules. You read the whole documentIn the document you read the whole thing, you learn that this site was created because the leaders, and they are all anonymous, couldnt find an online dating site for people that were just like them, but didnt want to be in relationships. You click on Im curious and I want to try it out. You check Ashley Madisons profile, you still have not found anyone, and you notice that they actually do make an effort to be pretty. They arent like a lot of other Ashley Madison profiles, You read their profileThe profile is pretty straightforward, the profile picture shows them smiling with a happy face, the bio tells about their background, they work as accountants, and the bio also informs about their hobbies, they love shopping, going out, going on vacations, and they often go out with their partner You click on the little circle beside the name next to their picture and read their textYour.

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