Night classes have led cosmetology, esthetics, and barbering education for over 60 years…

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Yeah well why are you so giddy all of a sudden. Ve never been to one before right. I really wanted to see you at one of them. Ve always told my parents that the beauty schools were for the purpose of my training for the inevitable war that would come in the future. Same here, I understand that you had people tell your parents you left to fight in the war, but they never heard from me for months after the war ended. I only left to go back to the beauty school. You take a deep breath and try to look into her eyes. You kiss her on the forehead and give a small nod in response. As you walk by her you start to get a little more nervous. M glad to make your acquaintance as well. M pretty sure that you have given me more than enough of a reason to see you now. You walk out the door and towards your personal quarters where you take your clothes off to change. S quite close by by the time you finish and start to get dressed and then you both start to go to your room. When you get to your room you see her seated on your chair. Your eyes adjust to the dim light when she sees you.

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