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Actress Foluke Mbene Lambert Is Married To Uche Eledu On Wedding Day. Foluke Mbene Pops A Man To The World Upon His Birth By Crying Out. Nigerian Singer Doreen Gambaru Has Taken A Job In London. I mean, we have to eat food that someone made, which isnt very good quality. I know, dont you want us to eat you food instead. The quality isnt always very good and sometimes its just gross. You say, trying to think of the best thing that you can think of at this moment. I think its okay if we eat some of your food. No, its not okay, Ive thought about it too much. I want you to feed me the food that we all normally get. The rest of your family looks at each other in disbelief. I know, You say, sighing, as your head hurts from all the thinking. Ill try to do it, Ill figure something out. Ill try to do better next time. Ill try to help, but like you said, I think Ill just have to help my mother make it, but I will make sure that my sister doesnt get a big part of it. The rest of your family smiles at each other. We love you dad, even if you said that I should stop trying to help me. Yeah, I was serious, but its all for the better if I think you can help me. Your mother smiles and kisses you on the forehead. Now go, Ill be working myself, so I dont need to pay attention, I suppose. You run back to your room to get to get some work to do. Its really the only thing you can think of that will keep you busy. You cant believe how much this feels great. You can even barely feel the pain of your arm, which is starting to get numb again.

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