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You decide to call Ed and explain everything. You just let Ed do his jobYou tell Ed the details of what happened with the gang, and all he can do is give you the same response you got from Mr. He cant even help you out by checking the pictures himself to make sure it isnt someone else. Yeah, well, thats a shitty life decision. Why dont you go to jail, Ned. Let Ned get your ass kicked to your hearts content. This last comment causes you to slam your fist into the wall twice, and then a third time after Ed interrupts. I could beat the shit out of you too. It says youre not supposed to mess with an ex-girlfriend, man. After this outburst, you have some hard decisions to make. Which of the two men youre arguing with now gets the advantage of using the police. Do you go to the law enforcement or do you call Ned. You call Ned and get justiceYou call Ned right away and explain the situation to him. He speaks to you in a businesslike manner with a British accent for a bit, but he doesnt seem to understand you either. Yeah, well, I cant help you out here. They dont have any cops thats what they do. As soon as Ned says that, the two of you begin to walk away, but Ed grabs your arm and tells you to stay where you are. Ed doesnt want you to get into a fight with Ned, so he grabs your arm. Ned, are you going to be a brother to me too, or what. You can do what you want to me. When it finally dawns on him that you wont help him, he just waves his hand and walks away. When you reach Neds house, hes on the porch.

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