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Nigel writes in his diary: You cant youre not good enough. You cant youre not good enough. No woman is going to ever be any good enough for you. You must be better than them, better than them, better than them. No, youre not better than them. Nigel writes in his diary: You just do itJust do it or I will. You can feel the urge to scream your pathetic excuses for a reason out loud, but your mind is more occupied with thoughts of self loathing than the sound of it. You decide to start the drive over to the apartment complex, while you make up a different excuse every single time, and its a hell of a lot more entertaining than your whining. As soon as you enter the parking garage lobby, you realize that Nigel is indeed correct in his point about you seeming a bit on edge which is pretty uncommon for you. You go talk to the man in charge of the parking lotYou decide that you should go talk to the man in charge of the parking lot. The problem is that you dont know where the hell he is, so you head out to look for him in the nearby parking structures. When you dont find him or any other structure which looks like he might have a clear view of anything, you leave, not wishing to be in his way while its still possible hes somewhere else. Eventually the parking garages and other such areas begin to take their normal appearance and you find yourself in a completely plain part of town, with the occasional shop or house that looks like its been vandalized, just with more graffiti. Your cell phone is dead and all of your other personal items look like theyve been picked over. You start to wonder why you dont have any money on you, if you really do work at one of the many restaurants, bars, or other businesses in the area. With that in mind, you decide to find a place to stay. The first place that comes to mind is a Motel 6, but theyre all booked. The next one to come to mind is a hotel, but you have no idea if there is one in this part of town, or if its just a place youd have to walk to. You head further into town, which quickly becomes a familiar sight in its transformation: the stores are mostly now closed, and the few businesses that are left are mostly places where you would expect, or not, to find the homeless sleeping, or a drug den or something, so you leave in.

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