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You sign up as a registered cosmetologistYou sign up as a registered cosmetologist and go through with your work. You have a few tips to share at the end of your shift. I just graduated beauty school last week. Worker 4: Yeah, so did yours work out. Worker 4: Just wanted to check in, I guess. Still getting used to my own studio and the whole beauty thing, but I like my job. Worker 4: Ill be graduating in a few months. Worker 4: Yeah, got an apartment lined up and everything. Worker 4: So you going to the party when you graduate. You: Eh, itll be nice, but right now everythings a little crazy right now. Worker 4: Well thanks for checking so I dont forget anything. Your work is done and you head back to your car, which is parked near the club and get in. You exit the car and get inside the club and take a seat at a table. You feel something is wrong as, as youre finishing the conversation, some guy comes up to you and asks you if you want to play with him. You politely decline, but dont even say no. As you move over to step over to the guy, you feel two hands go all over your body. You scream out in pain as your breasts are grabbed, your ass is grabbed, your nipples are grabbed and your pussy is touched. You scream out again as you feel your hair is grabbed and are pulled into the corner where youre completely defenseless and helpless in the hands of these two men. Oh, look, youre enjoying this arent you. You say nothing out of fear as your eyes are covered up and are forced shut. This goes on for a long time, during which you hear the sounds of cocks being penetrated and caged. Oh my god, Im sorry, but I gotta cum. You see your face covered in the drool of the two men and hear them laugh.

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