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Youre at CVS in the same shopping center as CFE, and you pick up a copy of The New Adventures of Captain Underpants. Its the same day as CFEs event, but you are more interested in the comic on the front of its cover. You ask the clerk when he brings it over to you. Just a comic book, sir, he replies. You have no idea what you have gotten me into, sir, you add. You open this copy of Captain UnderpantsYou open Captain Underpants with a big smile on your face. S a funny book about an 11 year old boy who learns the hard way that his parents, who are really evil, really do live underneath their house. The comic is actually a lot better than the movie and the story is very enjoyable. When you put Captain Underpants down, you wonder how you could ever top that. You end up watching the movie three times in a row. You take a seat at your table, watching as the patrons enter. One of the workers at your table is wearing a superhero costume. I thought superheroes were only for rich kids. You look around the restaurant as you ask this question and see that nearly everyone is wearing at least one costume. The only other costumes you see are those of people who work in the restaurant. They all seem to be working there to support their families. The manager, who you recognize as the same one who sold you the tickets to the live band show, comes over to you. S a hot day today, sir, and I figured the customers deserved to see you in your superhero outfit. And I know the live music is good; I love those kinds of shows. You probably could get more people to come if you started introducing them to the characters.

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