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You cant see her in this dark street. S hiding, which makes you wonder how long the street has been like that and exactly how messed up the neighborhood is. The other thing to realize is that the building is the same one that was the bank. Re trying to get out of this place without getting shot at, not going in. You have no idea where to go or how to open the door, but you know you need to get inside somehow. You dont find any employees of the bank in the back room and the front room is mostly empty. This one was just a bunch of desks and filing cabinets. You get to the back room and you see some of the customers already there. They look startled to see you on the street. One of them says and hands you a business card. S still dressed in her usual clothes. S business card and wonder if you should give her a follow when you get back to the trailer park. Ll be the easiest way to get back to your car. A few streets over, you see a red pickup truck pull up and a red haired young woman steps out. T you tell me you were coming. I was getting a haircut in the same place, you know the shop.

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